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Thomas G Wells Construction’s Core Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Thomas G Wells Construction, LLC is a leader in the Remodeling Industry in its commitment to Sustainable and Green building practices and education. Here are a number of the practices we are most proud of:

  • We encourage homeowners and other Contractors to incorporate recycling and energy-saving techniques in their daily lives and renovation projects.

  • We give seminars and talks to local groups that empower them about Sustainability and Aging in Place.

  • Wind power produces 72% of the electricity we purchase from PECO.

  • We donate building materials which we remove from our client’s homes to non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia area. (Our clients get a tax deduction for the donated goods.) On a typical job we will donate kitchen cabinets, counter tops, lighting fixtures, faucets, sinks, flooring, moldings, and prehung doors.

  • We recycle up to 80% of the demolition debris we generate on our job sites. These materials include new drywall scraps, lumber, concrete products, all metals, all cardboard, paper, plastic, drywall spackle containers, and appliances and electronic equipment.

  • We incorporate “clean job site” procedures and attitudes to keep dust and debris to a minimum. We clean up on an hourly basis rather than only at the end of the day or week. We are aware of the new Federal Standards for Lead.

  • We offer or incorporate Green building materials including low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products in all of our jobs. These include low VOC paints and adhesives, Bamboo cabinetry, Icestone counter tops, low flow faucets and shower heads, dual flush toilets, water based polyurethane floor finishing, Energy Star appliances, FSC certified wood products, and bio-based spray foam insulation, to name a few.

  • We offer Energy Audits to all of our clients and encourage them to look at their home as a system of many parts. We consider the whole house when looking at a project.

  • We are committed to building practices which have the least negative impact on the environment and ensure energy efficiency in every job we do.