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Our process is simple and it starts with you sharing your home renovation ideas with us. Regardless of the project: Small kitchen remodeling, a new master bath or a fully converted basement, it all starts with your vision. After we gain a clear understanding of your desired outcome and the budget for the project, the next step is for us to design a solution complete with energy savings tips that may reduce your overall renovation costs. These energy savings strategies integrate money saving green building products and construction techniques into your project, balancing first cost and second cost strategies for ongoing savings. With more than 21 years experience remodeling homes in Bucks County we have developed energy efficient solutions that are unique in the remodeling business in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Green Building Materials Remodeling a Bathroom Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Build-it-Green Home Remodel Ideas

Energy Efficient Kitchen Remodeling Energy Efficient Design

These photos illustrate the remodeling of a kitchen using sustainable green building materials and practices. It is important to note that in the past these products had a premium price attached to them because they were produced in small quantities; but now they are mass-produced. The current prices for sustainable building materials are about the same as similar non-sustainable products.

In the first photo, you can see that the entire room was gutted and the walls and ceiling insulated with foam.

In the second photo you can see the completed kitchen. It contains:

  • Bamboo cabinets
  • IceStone countertop (made from recycled glass)
  • Marmoleum flooring (made from linseed oil)
  • Lighting fixtures use LED and compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Low VOC adhesives and paints were used (VOC’s affect indoor air quality.)

In the third photo, note that the flooring is made from cork and the walls finished with American Clay.

Our goal as a “Green Builder” is to use sustainable building materials and construction practices that minimize the environmental impact during the renovation and during the lifetime of the space. We also strive to deliver highly appealing designs that meet the tastes of our customers while working within the specified budget.

Energy Star Rebates in PA and NJ

All of our clients want to know how to save energy. Conservation of resources is important to them. We offer a home energy audit with every job. All major renovations will include a test out to verify the air changes per hour (ACH). We assess Energy Savings and your return on investment. We also help you take advantage of your state sponsored energy star rebates and even walk you through the rebate process.

Pennsylvania Energy Efficiency Programs

New Jersey Energy Star & Efficiency Programs

“The Energy Audit identified so many problem areas. In the winter, my son's room was always cold, our master bedroom was drafty and noisy, and opening the door to the “bonus room” was like opening a freezer. Tom fixed all these problems with his sealing and insulation. In addition, our utility bill now is a lot easier on our eyes!” —Kate and Stan Roth, Yardley, PA