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Universal Design for Senior Living

One of the cornerstones of the American Dream is to own your own home. The baby boom generation has been the most prolific home-buying generation in history. Now the Boomers are entering retirement. They appreciate their Newtown, Southampton, or Washington Crossing homes for the amenities that Lower and Central Bucks County can provide. The more time they spend in our homes, the more attached they become.

Boomers are often called the Sandwich Generation because they are caring for their aging parents as well as their own children.  They understand the financial, social and quality of life advantages that living in their home forever can bring.  The same goes for Aging in Place.  They anticipate that injuries, chronic physical conditions or natural aging can get in the way of independent living. They want to adapt their home, not spend money moving.

We can help you plan for and stay in your home. Our Certified Aging in Place Specialist understands Sustainable home and independent living solutions.  From Langhorne to Warminster, from Solebury to Yardley, Cathy incorporates the principles of universal design into our projects so that form, function, beauty and accessibility are harmonious.

Age in Place Bathroom Remodeling

No matter what your current situation, we can show you how your home can be adapted for persons with diminished abilities. People with physical challenges sometimes don’t know how to change their home or select a contractor. Whether it’s a walk-in shower with a shower bench, grab bars, non-slip floors or dozens of other design solutions, we can customize a solution specific to your circumstances. Are you an aging homeowner in Mercer County? We have had the pleasure of working with clients in Hamilton, Lawrenceville, & Princeton, N.J. You will be able to remain comfortable, safe, and function independently in your own familiar surroundings.

Universal Design for Independent Living

What is "Universal Design?"

"Design Pioneer and Visionary of Universal Design Ron Mace was a nationally and internationally recognized architect, product designer and educator whose design philosophy challenged convention and provided a design foundation for a more usable world.

He coined the term "universal design" to describe the concept of designing all products and the built environment to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life."


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How will Universal Design help me?

No matter what your current situation, we can show you how your home can be adapted to your abilities.  People with physical challenges frequently do not make universal design improvements to their homes because they are uncertain about how to do it and how to select a contractor.   Every homeowner has different circumstances.  We are specialists in showing you how to incorporate universal design concepts into your home so that you will be able to remain comfortable and independent in your own surroundings.

Grab Bar for Showers
Walk in Shower Design
Walk in Shower Stalls

For example, when remodeling a bathroom using universal design concepts, a provision for grab bars would be included in the shower and toilet area (even if they are not visible).  The shower entry should not have a “step;” the toilets would be “comfort height” toilets; light switches might be on the outside of the room, etc.  These are examples of how a room can be modified to allow for the ageing process without compromising its use, so that diminishments are less intrusive and one’s quality of life is enhanced.

Over time, home improvements that incorporate universal design concepts will add dollars to your home’s resale value because anyone of any age can benefit from them.  Currently, there is increased demand for improvements that incorporate universal design.

We offer a “whole life design” consultation that incorporates the principles of universal design to show you what your choices are.  The consultation begins with a visit to your home to understand your current situation and concludes with a written report unique to your situation.  Call Tom Wells at 215-378-4048 for an appointment.

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